News_NewBusiness_1104x692Over the past couple months, Randall Branding has been busy pitching their best and brightest ideas, bringing in some spectacular new business.


With the ever changing medical landscape, Harman Eye Center out of Lynchburg Virginia hired Randall to create a messaging platform that better articulated what differentiates them in the market place, as well as updating their brand look and feel with a new logo, website, and supporting collateral.


With ongoing design and project needs, TMI Consulting was looking for a full-service agency that could accommodate all of their needs under one roof. In the immediate, TMI is working with Randall Branding to streamline parts of their website for improved user experience, create marketing collateral, and produce consulting support materials.


Good Run Research has been able to continue their positive momentum just based on reputation and word of mouth alone. But where they struggle is sharing their smarts, star quality client list, and winning staff online. They partnered with Randall Branding to bring all the missing pieces together so that their online presence better represents the killer work their doing in the real world.


The merge of two departments brought about a need for a new logo for the VCU Department of Health Behavior and Policy. The final product cleanly represented how research and policy work hand in hand.


Rountrey & Collington subdivisions in Midlothian are seeing tremendous growth and with that were finding the need to make improvements to their online presence. Randall was brought in to update the design of both websites to fit with the current trend in web design as well as provide more strategic direction in user experience.


When Work & Think approached Randall, they were looking to spiff up their look and create a new website that really spoke to their niche and value in the marketplace. Randall Branding created a logo, business cards, website, and supporting collateral to compliment the professional yet brainy and fun sides to what Work & Think can do for its clients.