Village Bank Case Study - Randall Branding Agency

Shining the Spotlight on Village Bank’s Debit Card

Village Bank believes that you’re a neighbor, not a number. That dedication shows in everything they do and say. From the unique personal attention they give every person, to the time they spend volunteering in the community, Village Bank is far more than just another bank. It is a place where the power of friendship, community and people working together toward a common goal is alive and well. Recently, Village Bank contracted Randall Branding to design them a brand campaign to show their audience who they really are…a bank that cares about their community.


Village Bank was seeking a new marketing initiative that would remind customers of the local bank’s dedication to their community. They aimed to stand out amidst the naturally competitive landscape of the local banking industry, while highlighting a feature-packed product: the Village Bank debit MasterCard.


The research-backed campaign was centered on a community-oriented concept titled “We’re a Local Bank with a Big Impact.” After developing a storyline that was intended to create an emotional tie to the benefits of the debit card (i.e. a mother saving up debit card points to buy her daughter a bicycle), we created a multitude of print, TV, and digital collateral.

We worked with Spang TV to produce two 30-second TV commercials that were broadcasted across local channels. Additional materials included ATM graphics and POS posters, each with a strong call-to-action, motivating customers to sign up for the debit card. Additionally, a Google AdWords campaign was initiated to lead people to the debit card information page on the Village Bank website.


  • ATM Graphics
  • Brochure
  • Digital Ads
  • Landing Page
  • Poster
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • TV




Village Bank received an overwhelming amount of brand and product awareness, and regained a presence in their community through this fully integrated campaign. The AdWords campaign on it’s own received over 2 million impressions and resulted in approximately 10,000 clicks to the Village Bank website.

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