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From Wolseley Industrial Group to Ferguson Industrial - A Brand Transition Story

Wolseley Industrial Group is one of the nation’s leading distributors of industrial supplies (products like the pipes, valves, and fittings that are used in power plants, for example). With their customers depending on them for precise and reliable products, it is important for them to be consistent and dependable. Wolseley Industrial Group is supported by and a subsidiary of the more commonly known company, Ferguson Enterprises.


After proving their commitment to quality over the last 15 years, Wolseley Industrial Group and Ferguson Enterprises decided they could better serve their customers by closing the gap between the companies. As a result, they decided the best action plan was to rebrand Wolseley Industrial Group. The new name of the company would be (and now is!) Ferguson Industrial. This strategic rebranding would help eliminate customer confusion and streamline transactional and internal processes. The challenge here is that Wolseley Industrial Group has worked hard to gain and maintain the trust of its customers. Operating large, dangerous, and vital systems, their customers cannot take any risks. Our mission? To ensure customers understood that even though Wolseley Industrial Group might look a little different and have a new name, their commitment to providing quality products and premium service is as strong as ever.


Communication. Planning. Communication. Communication. Communication. It was vital to understand how people might be impacted by this transition and to address any concerns before they arose. To accomplish this, we drafted communications for everyone associated with Wolseley Industrial Group. We explained what the transition would mean for each audience segment. These segments included department leaders, help desk personnel, customers, and more. Once the communications were set, we distributed them across various platforms. We designed and developed internal briefs, a brand transition website, presentations, and more. Each communication was paired with supporting visuals, including a custom set of icongraphy and a brand video.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Custom Iconography
  • Graphic Deisgn
  • Messaging Platform
  • Website Design and Development




It took 9 months to nationally launch Ferguson Industrial. That timeline includes everything from the strategic planning phases and communications, to the redesign of the website and development of a specialty brand transition landing page. Leaders of the organization reported that the strategic communications and foundational work truly paid off. Customers continue to trust Ferguson Industrial for their quality industrial supplies and more.