UMFS capital campaign. Case Study - Randall Branding Agency

Be a Champion: Building an identity for UMFS’s capital campaign.

UMFS is a nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive array of programs to support children, teens, and parents as they work to overcome challenges. Since 1900, the organization has done whatever it takes to meet the changing needs of the community providing foster care and adoption services, residential treatment, skill-building programs, and more.


In 2017, UMFS approached Randall Branding to help them create an identity for their multi-year and multiaudience capital campaign. With a goal of $8M, the campaign needed to give light to the impact of the organization, the urgency to renovate their campus and facilities, and the details of how donations will be spent.


We began with an intensive discovery, learning all we could about who would be donating to the campaign and why UMFS was important to them. This phase also included immersive experiences on the Richmond campus. With this foundation and an understanding of the organization’s current branding, we were able to present a winning campaign concept that was unique, yet still tied to the UMFS brand. From conceptualization to messaging and design, we developed the multi-platform campaign: Be a Champion. Once the baseline materials were created, we took things a step further with a campaign video which we planned, coordinated, and creative directed.

Now, as the Be a Champion campaign is nearing the finish line, UMFS is well on its way to reaching the initial fundraising goal. Furthermore, after receiving enthusiastic applause from staff, families, and supporters about the design and messaging of the campaign, UMFS has used it as a source of inspiration for revamping its brand as a whole. You can visit the campaign’s website at


  • Billboard Design
  • Campus Map Design
  • Case Statement Design
  • Collateral
  • Email Communcations Template
  • Landing Page Development
  • Open House Planning
  • Speaker Bureau Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Theme Development
  • Video Production
  • Vision Brochure