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Developing Simple Thread’s Brand for Best User Experience

Custom software development company, Simple Thread (formerly Ecstatic Labs), is a hardworking team of developers who keep client relationship and satisfaction at the forefront of their work. The innovative, trusted company is accompanied by praises from both current and former clients about the work ethic and expertise the staff brings to the table. Simple Thread unveiled their new brand in May 2017 to appeal to new clients, promote brand awareness and to visually display the exciting intricacies of their business.


Ecstatic Labs came to us to help them identify what their target audience was looking for in a company, how their employees felt about the brand, and to ultimately rebrand their business. Their target clients, CxOs and upper-level management staff use word of mouth recommendations and websites references to make a choice in a custom software developer. We had to make sure the website and overall brand was making an impact in the development community and exciting enough to stand out to potential clients. Ecstatic Labs was looking for an agency that could help them attain their goal of appealing to a larger group of clientele and build a brand that excites their employees.


We held focus groups to identify what potential clients were looking for in a custom software company, as well as what their staff wanted to see from the brand. From this, we created an engaging and partnership-focused messaging platform. Together, Ecstatic Labs and Randall Branding came up with a new name, Simple Thread, that fit perfectly within the brand message we were trying to portray. We designed a complete visual style, including a logo, business collateral, proposal documents and case study templates. Additionally, we developed a website that would showcase their personalities, excellence in services offered and the benefit of the business partnership they hope to attain with clients.


  • Business Collateral
  • Logo
  • Messaging Platform
  • Naming
  • Research
  • Website


Custom Software Development


Simple Thread was very satisfied with the brand and couldn’t wait to start showing it off to potential new clients. Their new business director has been using the business collateral in his quest for new clients, and has been extremely pleased with the material he has to show for the company. They have nothing but positive feelings for business in the year ahead.



What our client had to say

“We brought them [Randall Branding] in at square one and they helped us with market research, our messaging platform, name, tagline, logo, icon, website design, brand standards, typography, art direction, document and presentation templates, business cards, and so much more! We even had them develop our website. Yes, we could have easily handled this in house, but we were busy working with our awesome customers, and the Randall team is really freakin’ good at what they do!”

– Simple Thread Team

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