One of the best things about working at Randall Branding is building relationships with great people. We love it when our clients share their world with us. And in the interest of returning the favor, we’ll be sharing parts of our weird and wonderful world with you here.

Six things you may not know about Regina, our Web Developer.


1. I have over 200 records. My mom gave me her entire collection, which is what got me into it. I go record shopping at least once a week to continue building on it.

2. Robin is my favorite superhero. I’ve been drawn to him since I was a kid, and he’s even tattooed on my leg.

3. I have a cat named Hendrix. I got him when he was about two months old via Craigslist—the best $10 I ever spent.


4. Before moving to Virginia, I lived in Washington and Germany. My dad was in the military, so my family moved around a bit.

5. From age seven to ten, I was a vampire every year for Halloween.

6. I learned how to code when I was about eleven. I started with social websites and customizing pages, finding tutorials and teaching myself for the most part.

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