One of the best things about working at Randall Branding is building relationships with great people. We love it when our clients share their world with us. And in the interest of returning the favor, we’ll be sharing parts of our weird and wonderful world with you here.

Six things you may not know about Brent, our Senior Web and Graphic Designer.

1. Ms. Miller was my high school art teacher, and she changed my life. She hipped me to modern art, turned me on to cool music, and talked to me like I wasn’t a kid. By the end of her class, I was hanging abstract cardboard sculptures from the ceiling. She was the best.

2. Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road is one of my favorites. It’s sort of about these freewheeling poets that rush across America searching for truth and raw experience.

3. I am very easily scared. As a kid I read Goosebumps #20 The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight by R.L. Stine. I couldn’t sleep for weeks afterwards. If I only had a brain for that kind of thing.

4. The song Highway Patrolman by Bruce Springsteen once made me cry a single (manly) tear. That whole album (Nebraska) is beautiful and heart-wrenching.

5. I love fun facts. Here’s one: because the teacup was invented so early in China, no one ever thought to invent glass. As a result, developments like microscopes, beakers, and reading glasses didn’t occur for centuries. In a weird way, because of the teacup,  there were no mirrors for hundreds of years, and all windows were made of paper.

6. Spiderman 1 is one of the best movies ever. Instead of focusing on effects and explosions (I’m looking at you Avengers 2), it’s about a protagonist that has real and relatable flaws. I see so much of myself in the bumbling of Peter Parker.

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