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Branding Richmond's most iconic sports & music festival

Dominion Riverrock recently contracted the Randall Branding team to fulfill their need of graphic design expertise in designing the look-and-feel for their event. In the end, we were able to take the client’s specifications and produce a collateral package that convey’s the excitement of the yearly festival.

Dominion Riverrock is the nation’s premier outdoor sports and music festival held annually on Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond. The three-day event features a variety of outdoor activities including trail running, kayaking, biking, bouldering, and more. The festival’s promotion of our unique riverfront and downtown trails inspire a stronger appreciation for outdoor recreation in the Richmond region.


Riverrock’s organizers approached Randall Branding to develop a new look-and-feel for the event. They wanted to work with a creative team that had a keen attention to detail and create an engaging brand that could easily change year to year as the event evolves.


We created silhouettes from existing photography to showcase a variety of events at Riverrock, collaging and layering images for more dynamic layouts. Pictures of Richmond’s skyline, participating contestants, and live artists captured the athleticism and outdoor spirit of the event. Angled type and animation gave print ads and TV spots an energetic feel, while custom maps and event signage covered day-of logistics.


  • Billboard
  • Event Collateral & Signage
  • Print Ads
  • TV Spot
  • Website



Case Study Image
Case Study Image

Continued Growth Year After Year

In 2015, the festival drew 100,000 attendants and was named Style Weekly’s Best Outdoor Sports Event. Dominion Riverrock continues to be the nation’s largest outdoor sports and music festival.

Continued Growth Year After Year
Case Study Image
Case Study Image